Feminism Is Dumb

Credit: Joshua EarleYou heard it here first. I don’t always get to post breaking news, but here I am, beer in hand. I’m assuming I’ll catch a bunch of heat for this, but that’s ok, we’re all allowed to defend what we believe is right. I’m probably more right than you though, just saying. Continue reading

We’re Still Under Construction

8Mostly because I’m a lazy bitch. Calm down people, I know there are some funky bugs around here. I’m working to eliminate them. I thought it was going to be easy; never works like that, now does it? Fucking computers, fucking internet. I’m trying to go the opposite way, and read newspapers, and use a flip phone. Here I am though, muscling it out on a laptop. I know things are fucked up here and there, and there are glitches, but unfortunately I’ve lost the desire to be the perfectionist I once aspired to be. And so it goes. Continue reading

Real Political Philosophy: Poor People

3It must suck to be forced to pick a side. You do as your told, not as you please. You’re relegated to a handful of TV and terrestrial radio stations. You toe the party line, but step in a warm pile of shit every once in a while. You’re the 2015 constituent. Unlike me, you’re not allowed to have uninformed positions that don’t really go in lock step with a political party. I’m not the new normal however, I’m a throwback, I’m the old normal. Continue reading

A Couple Gym Myths

Credit: Redd AngeloI go to the gym. I don’t necessarily wear this a badge of honor, however, it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done for at least 10 years straight, well that and that and 12 wonderful years of public school. It’s all something I’ve done for a long time while cycling back and forth between hate and indifference the overwhelming majority of the time. It is a necessary evil. I do mainly for longevity purposes. Well, I tell myself that, but I do it so I can look good, but living longer is a good consolation. Continue reading

The Fantasy Of Fantasy

Why do people, specifically men, play fantasy football? There are the gamblers among, and those who have to fill the void of being out of their athletic prime. By athletics, I mean not being able to compete admirably in rec leagues, this doesn’t include softball which coincidentally I think if you play softball(which for sure isn’t a sport), then you more than likely “play” fantasy sports. What is the reason that fantasy is so appealing to people? I’m not too sure, but I’m going to find out by the time I put this god forsaken keyboard down. Continue reading